Psychological and Personality Assessment

Mission agencies, churches, and Ministry training colleges increasingly ask our input as part of their selection process for those who are considering working in a mission or church role.

Individuals and families also consult us as part of their personal preparation particularly for moving cross-culturally.  How do your personality and your style fit with the demands? Do you have the resilience to cope with frustrations, loneliness or criticism? What training and supports would you need?

We have experience and knowledge of these roles and the skills to help you know and understand yourself.

Debriefing and Wellness checks

Mission partners on visits back to NZ and pastors at transition points between churches use us to check on their well-being and readiness to continue. Pressures and stresses can make inroads into health and well-being which may go unnoticed. Better to pick up a trend towards tiredness and discouragement before a crisis point is reached. We are skilled at monitoring the many components of an individual’s well-being and putting the spotlight on how to turn it around.

Supervision and Coaching

We offer supervision and coaching for those in ministry roles in NZ.

Please contact us for more information.

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