About Us

Go Well is a group of like-minded professionals with a desire to promote resilience in mission and church work.

The group’s contact point and Co-ordinator is Jenny Manson (Psychologist)

Jenny is based in Auckland. She liaises with agencies, churches and individuals to set up assessments and debriefs, and does some of the Auckland based assessments. She and others in the group also provide assessment of applicants for ministry training with 2 major church denominations, and coaching and supervision for those in work and ministry roles.

Jenny has worked in missions in West Africa for 8 years with her family, and then as Candidate Coordinator for SIM NZ for 7 years. Her experience of working cross-culturally and helping others prepare led her to train as a psychologist and to do her Masters thesis on the topic of the competencies required for missions work and the links they have with well-being.

Jenny was until recently the chair of Missions Interlink’s member care committee and is well networked with 20 NZ mission sending agencies and the Baptist, Presbyterian and Salvation Army churches.

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